Green Day - Melbourne Soundwave 2014

Green Day live at O2 Academy Brixton in London, England (August 21, 2013) (x)

I’ve never done one of these, so I might as well, just for the heck of it. And also I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon since everyone is doing it.

YAAY! Okay, so the rules:
Must be following me (idk what to say man, I’m just following the format)
I’m only counting the REBLOGS, but like it if you want to no one’s stopping you
I’ll give you guys till the end of the month (so the 31st)
I’m gonna pick two or three winners for each category
Okay, the boring part is out of the way, let’s go to categories:
Best URL
Best theme
Best Green Day blog
Best multi-band blog
Raddest posts
Absolute favourites
I can’t offer much, but here’s what you get if you win:
A follow from me
I’m gonna make a page on my blog where all of your URLs will be found and it’s gonna be up there for like, forever
My undying love
I love you all anyways
And umm, yeah. That’s about it. So let’s give it a shot :) This post needs to reach 20 notes or I’m just gonna do something else on the 31st.